Our Team

  • Dr. Cliff Broschinsky

    Dr. Cliff Broschinsky Dentist

    Dr. B became interested in dentistry when he was 13 years old.  At the age of 16 he got a…

  • Julieta

    Julieta Hygenist

    Julieta is our amazing dental hygienist.  She grew up in Guadalajara, Mexico.  When she was 14 years old her family…

  • Sabrina

    Sabrina RDA

    Sabrina has been Dr. B’s assistant for over 15 years and was with him when he started his practice in…

  • Robby

    Robby Dental Assistant

    Robby attended Eastern Oregon University and has been assisting Dr. B for 7 years.  “Teeth have always interested me and…